The HA-5330 is a very fast sample and hold amplifier designed primarily for use with High-Speed A/D converters. It utilizes the Intersil Dielectric Isolation process to achieve a 650ns acquisition time to 12-bit accuracy and a droop rate of 0. 01µV/µs. The circuit consists of an input transconductance amplifier capable of producing large amounts of charging current, a low leakage analog switch, and an integrating output stage which includes a 90pF hold capacitor. The analog switch operates into a virtual ground, so charge injection on the hold capacitor is constant and independent of VIN. Charge injection is held to a low value by compensation circuits and, if necessary, the resulting 0. 5mV hold step error can be adjusted to zero via the Offset Adjust terminals. Compensation is also used to minimize leakage currents which cause voltage droop in the Hold mode. The HA-5330 will operate at reduced supply voltages (to ±10V) with a reduced signal range. The MIL-STD-883 data sheet for this device is available on request.


  • Very Fast Acquisition 500ns (0.1%) 650ns (0.01%)
  • Low Droop Rate 0.01µV/µs
  • Very Low Offset 0.2mV
  • High Slew Rate 90V/µs
  • Wide Supply Range ±10V to ±20V
  • Internal Hold Capacitor
  • Fully Differential Input
  • TTL/CMOS Compatible




  • Precision Data Acquisition Systems D/A Converter Deglitching Auto-Zero Circuits Peak Detectors


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