The ZSSC175xKIT Evaluation Kit provides the hardware needed for configuration, calibration and evaluation of the ZSSC1750 and ZSSC1751 Data Acquisition System Basis ICs. The only difference between these two ICs is that the ZSSC1750 also includes a LIN transceiver. The user's PC can communicate with the ZSSC1750 sample mounted on the ZSSC1750/51 Evaluation Board via the SSC Communication Board through a USB connection. The Evaluation Kit Software (GUI) is available on-line for free download.

The Evaluation Board can connect to the SSC Shunt Replacement Board, which generates signals for the voltage, current and temperature inputs of the ZSSC1750 to simulate an external battery. It is controlled by the GUI. Alternately, the kit can be used to evaluate the user's customized designs connected to the Evaluation Board via a LIN interface.

For further information and support for the SSC Communication Board, visit the SSC-CB product page.

Boards can also be ordered separately. To enable product comparisons, this modular kit is compatible with other select Renesas devices. Contact your local sales representative for more information.


  • ZSSC1750/51 Evaluation Board with a ZSSC1750 mounted
  • SSC Communication Board
  • SSC Shunt Replacement Board
  • 3 additional ZSSC1750 samples


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