The F1192B offers maximum performance and flexibility at minimum power consumption. The unique and patented settable-gain feature allows it to be used in a very wide variety of radiocard applications, even allowing for dynamic adjustment of gain to maximize performance on the fly. The extremely wide RF and IF bandwidths are achieved with a fixed BOM with all internal matching. The device can function with as little as -6dBm LO power and with independent channel shutdown modes for ease of integration into high order TDD MIMO systems. The F1192B has also been optimized for use in both GSM and LTE systems.


  • RF range: 400MHz to 3800MHz
  • LO range: 400MHz to 3600MHz
  • IF range: 50MHz to 600MHz
  • Dual path for MIMO
  • 4 gain settings: 11dB, 8dB, 5dB, 2dB
  • 2-bit gain step control
  • Ideal for Multi-Carrier systems
  • +35 dBm OIP3 
  • Low noise figure at any gain setting via IDT’s FlatNoise™ technology
  • Z = 200Ω IF balanced, 50Ω RF, 50Ω LO single-ended
  • All internally matched. Single BOM for all RF, LO and IF frequencies
  • 4 x 4 mm, 24-TQFN package
  • Independent Path Standby mode
  • 75 nsec settling for gain adjustment
  • VCC = 3.3V, 835mW




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IDT Versamixer RF IF Mixer Demonstration

A demonstration of IDT's F1192 RF mixer. The VersaMixer™ family of ultra-wide bandwidth RF mixers offers unparalleled flexibility. Delivering IDT’s hallmark high linearity, the VersaMixer devices are designed for any radio system requiring high performance and low power operating between 400MHz and 3800MHz. The F1192 is a dual-channel RF mixer, while the F1792 is single-channel.

The devices offer configurable-gain operation for use in a wide array of radio card applications, including 2G-to-5G multimode remote radio units, backhaul systems, and public safety infrastructure. Coupled with ultra-wide bandwidth, this gives radio system designers the flexibility to optimize the receive system gain, noise, and linearity budget for virtually any application. Low power consumption — typically just 835mW total for two channels — supports high-density PCB layout design in modern remote radio units and small cells.

Unlike competitive offerings, the VersaMixer devices function over the entire operating bandwidth without any changes in external components. This means that a single bill of materials can support various RF and IF operating bandwidths, easing integration into different systems, and keeping a check on costs and time to market.

For more information about IDT's RF mixers, visit http://www.idt.com/products/rf-products/rf-mixers. For information specific to the F1192 or F1172, visit http://www.idt.com/F1192 and http://www.idt.com/F1792, respectively.