The F1129 family is a series of single-ended input / differential output 1400MHz to 6000MHz high gain RF amplifiers.
The F1129 series is designed to operate with a single 5V  power supply using a nominal 70mA of ICC. When using a supply voltage of 5V, the F1129 variant provides 18dB typical gain with 2.2dB noise figure and +32dBm OIP3 at 3600MHz.


  • RF range: 1400MHz to 6000MHz
    • F1129LB Variants: 1400MHz to 3200MHz
    • F1129MB Variants: 3000MHz to 4200MHz
    • F1129HB Variants: 4000MHz to 6000MHz
  • Gain = 18dB at 3600MHz
  • Noise figure = 2.2dB at 3600MHz
  • OIP3 = +32dBm at 3600MHz
  • Output P1dB = +18dBm at 3600MHz
  • ICC = 70mA at 5V
  • 2mA standby current
  • 50Ω single-ended input impedances
  • 100Ω differential output impedances


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Datasheets & Errata
star F1129MB Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.76 MB
F1129LB Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.74 MB
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RF Product Selection Guide Guide PDF 1015 KB
RF Amplifiers with Zero-Distortion Technology Product Brief PDF 981 KB