The iW350 is a secondary-side PWM signal generator that works with three types of dimming inputs: PWM dimming, 0V to 10V linear dimming, or simple dimming using a single resistor to ground from the DIM pin. With its extensive configurability, the iW350 offers programmable maximum dimming voltage, minimum duty cycle, turn-off function, and PWM output frequency range, making the device highly flexible for dimmable commercial SSL lighting applications.

The iW350 converts any of the compatible dimming signals into a 1% to 100% PWM duty cycle output that provides a dimming signal to a primary-side LED driver such as the iW3636, eliminating the need for transformers or other driver circuitry.


  • Operating range: 15V to 60V
  • Programmable maximum dimming voltage
  • Programmable minimum duty cycle and turn-off
  • Programmable PWM frequency output
  • 3-in-1 dimmer interface
    • 0V to 10V analog
    • PWM (10V)
    • Resistor
  • Highly integrated for low BOM cost
    • Integrated current source for driving 0V to 10V dimmers
    • Integrated optocoupler driver for isolated applications
  • Output drive optimized for optocoupler non-linear delay time
  • 1% PWM duty cycle tolerance
  • Shutdown pin to minimize standby power




  • 0V to 10V analog dimming
  • PWM LED dimming
  • Resistor LED dimming


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