ISL9008A is a high performance single low noise, high PSRR LDO that delivers a continuous 150mA of load current. It has a low standby current and is stable with 1µF of MLCC output capacitance with an ESR of up to 200mΩ. The ISL9008A has a high PSRR of 65dB and output noise less than 45µVRMS. When coupled with a no load quiescent current of 46µA (typical), and 0. 5µA shutdown current, the ISL9008A is an ideal choice for portable wireless equipment. The ISL9008A comes in several fixed voltage options with ±1. 8% output voltage accuracy over-temperature, line and load. Other output voltage options may be available upon request.


  • High performance LDO with 150mA continuous output
  • Excellent transient response to large current steps
  • Excellent load regulation: <0.1% voltage change across full range of load current
  • High PSRR: 65dB @ 1kHz
  • Wide input voltage capability: 2.3V to 6.5V
  • Very low quiescent current: 46µA
  • Low dropout voltage: typically 200mV @ 150mA
  • Low output noise: typically 45µVRMS @ 100µA (1.5V)
  • Stable with 1µF to 4.7µF ceramic capacitors
  • Shutdown pin turns off LDO with 1µA (max) standby current
  • Soft-start limits input current surge during enable
  • Current limit and overheat protection
  • ±1.8% accuracy over all operating conditions
  • 5 Ld SC-70 package or 6 Ld µTDFN package
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)




  • PDAs, cell phones and smart phones
  • Portable instruments, MP3 players
  • Handheld devices including medical handhelds


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