ISL9000A is a high performance dual LDO capable of sourcing 300mA current from each output. It has a low standby current and very high PSRR and is stable with output capacitance of 1µF to 10µF with ESR of up to 200mΩ. The device integrates an individual Power-On-Reset (POR) function for each output. The POR delay for VO2 can be externally programmed by connecting a timing capacitor to the CPOR pin. The POR delay for VO1 is internally fixed at approximately 2ms. A reference bypass pin is also provided for connecting a noise filtering capacitor for low noise and high-PSRR applications. The quiescent current is typically only 42μA with both LDO’s enabled and active. Separate enable pins control each individual LDO output. When both enable pins are low, the device is in shutdown, typically drawing less than 0. 1μA. Several combinations of voltage outputs are standard. Output voltage options for each LDO range from 1. 5V to 3. 3V. Other output voltage options may be available upon request.


  • Integrates two 300mA high performance LDOs
  • Excellent transient response to large current steps
  • ±1.8% accuracy over all operating conditions
  • Excellent load regulation: <0.1% voltage change across full range of load current
  • Low output noise: typically 30μVRMS @ 100μA (1.5V)
  • Very high PSRR: 90dB @ 1kHz
  • Extremely low quiescent current: 42μA (both LDOs active)
  • Wide input voltage capability: 2.3V to 6.5V
  • Low dropout voltage: typically 200mV @ 300mA
  • Stable with 1μF to 10μF ceramic capacitors
  • Separate enable and POR pins for each LDO
  • Soft-start and staged turn-on to limit input curr ent surge during enable
  • Current limit and overheat protection
  • Tiny 10 Ld 3mmx3mm DFN package
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)




  • PDAs, Cell Phones and Smart Phones
  • Portable Instruments, MP3 Players
  • Handheld Devices including Medical Handheld


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