The iW248 provides a unique combination of digital controller and analog driver blocks in one IC, resulting in an optimized solution for driving induction heating elements in rice cookers and induction cooktop appliances. Integrating virtually all discrete components normally used to drive and protect IGBTs, plus an optimized state machine digital core that replaces a traditional microcontroller, the iW248 significantly reduces solution size and eliminates up to 35 components.

The iW248 also features a proprietary low-power continuous mode that allows for smooth operation at low power states and control in 10W increments for induction cooktop applications up to 2100W.


  • Integrated IGBT Controller
    • Valley-mode Switching Control
  • Optimized State Machine Core
    • Eliminates Need for MCU
  • Low Power Continuous Mode Operation with 10W Resolution Power Control
  • Built-in Pot Detection Circuit
  • Protects IGBT from Damage
  • Multiple Protection Features, Including Programmable:
    • Overvoltage Protection – IGBT Collector
    • Three Dedicated Over-temperature Protection Pins
    • Input Surge Protection
    • Output Power Compensation
  • DLNK – Isolated Communication Protocol
    • I2C – Non-isolated Communication




  • Induction Heating Applications
  • Rice Cookers


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iW248 Smart IGBT Controller