The ISL91127IIN-EVZ, ISL91127II2A-EVZ and ISL91127IIA-EVZ platforms allow quick evaluation of the high-performance features of the ISL91127 buck-boost regulator series. The ISL91127IIA-EVZ evaluates the ISL91127IIAZ with resistor programmable output voltage.

The ISL91127 is a high-current buck-boost switching regulator for systems using new battery chemistries in a 20 bump, 0.4mm pitch WLCSP (2.15mmx1.74mm) package. It uses Intersil’s proprietary buck-boost algorithm to maintain voltage regulation while providing excellent efficiency and very low output voltage ripple when the input voltage is close to the output voltage.

  • Small, compact design
  • Jumper selectable EN (enabled/disabled)
  • Jumper selectable mode (auto PFM/forced PWM)
  • Connectors, test points and jumpers for easy probing
  • Resistor programmable output voltage on the ISL91127IIA-EVZ
  • Fixed 3.3V output voltage on the ISL91127IIN-EVZ
  • Fixed 3.5V output voltage on the ISL91127II2A-EVZ
  • Handheld and battery powered consumer and medical devices
  • Brownout free system voltage for smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Wireless communication devices
  • 2G/3G/4G RF power amplifiers


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