The ISL8014AEVAL2Z evaluation board is intended for use by individuals with requirements for point-of-load (POL) applications sourcing from 2.7V to 5.5V. This evaluation board demonstrates the performance of the ISL8014A low quiescent current mode converter.

The ISL8014A is a high-efficiency, monolithic, synchronous step-down DC/DC converter that can deliver up to 4A of continuous output current from a 2.8V to 5.5V input supply. It uses a current control architecture to deliver very low duty cycle operation at high frequency with fast transient response and excellent loop stability.


  • High-efficiency synchronous buck regulator with up to 95% efficiency
  • Power-good (PG) output with 1ms delay
  • 2.7V to 5.5V supply voltage
  • 3% output accuracy over-temperature/load/line
  • 4A guaranteed output current
  • Start-up with pre-biased output
  • Internal digital soft-start - 1ms
  • Soft-stop output discharge during disabled
  • 35µA quiescent supply current in PFM mode
  • Selectable forced PWM mode and PFM mode
  • External synchronization up to 4MHz
  • Less than 1µA logic controlled shutdown current
  • 100% maximum duty cycle for lowest dropout
  • Internal current mode compensation
  • Peak current limiting and hiccup mode short circuit protection
  • Over-temperature protection



  • DC/DC POL modules
  • µC/µP, FPGA and DSP power
  • Plug-in DC/DC modules for routers and switchers
  • Portable instruments
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Li-ion battery powered devices
  • Small form factor (SFF) modules
  • Barcode readers


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