The DA9318 is optimized to handle high charging currents and at the same time ensure the safety of the battery and the system. It operates together with a main charger, which handles the pre-charge and constant voltage charging duties.

The current doubling is achieved with a high-efficiency capacitive divider that provides an output voltage of VIN/2, which allows the use of standard USB Type-C™ cables for charging currents up to 6A. The peak efficiency of DA9318 is 98%. With a maximum 8A charging current, the DA9318L variant can provide 35W of charging power, whereas the DA9318M variant provides 10A of output current and 44W of charging power.


  • Safe high-voltage direct charging
  • Automatic shutdown in fault condition
  • Travel adapter detection
  • No inductors
  • No input current ripple
  • <1mm component height
  • Small PCB area
  • Standard 3A Type-C cable
  • Built-in fault protection


  • 8A output current (DA9318L)
  • 10A output current (DA9318M)
  • 98% efficiency at 3A
  • 5% current sense accuracy (DA9318L)
  • 10% current sense accuracy (DA9813M)
  • Reverse and forward current protection in IDLE mode
  • Safe high-voltage direct charging
  • Safety timer and watchdog
  • 8-bit ADC to measure voltage and current at the input and output, as well as temperature
  • Junction temperature monitoring
  • I2C compatible 2-wire interface
  • Package: WLCSP 3.62mm × 3.78mm




  • Direct charging in:
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Battery packs
    • Li-ion powered devices


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