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Fully Integrated Secondary-Side Rectification Circuit Simplifies Design and Improves Efficiency

The iW873 secondary-side synchronous rectification solution works with several of Renesas' primary-side controllers to deliver the high efficiency needed for high power density smartphone and tablet power adapters.

The iW873 integrates a 60V power MOSFET with Renesas' proprietary digital adaptive turn-off control technology to replace the secondary-side Schottky diode with a MOSFET for higher power density adapters. It also uses adaptive control to minimize dead-time, eliminating the need for a parallel Schottky diode required by conventional synchronous rectifier solutions.

A DiaSIM™ simulation model is available for the iW673. For more information and where to download, please visit the DiaSIM page.

  • Integrated 60V MOSFET for Synchronous Rectification
  • Adaptive Control Minimizes Dead Time
    • Eliminates Parallel Schottky Diode
    • Higher Efficiency, Lower BOM Cost
  • Ultra-Fast Dynamic Load Response
    • Integrated Adaptive Voltage Position Monitor
  • Ultra-Low No-Load Operating Current <0.65mA
  • Wide Input Voltage Range up to 25V
  • Up to 15W Output Power
  • Integrated, Pulse Linear Regulator Allows Operation Down to 2.4V Output Voltage
  • Supports 3.6V to 12V AC/DC Adapters


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DiaSIM™ Simulation ModelsDiaSIM simulation models let the user test and validate AC/DC power supply designs prior to prototying.Downloads: Simulator Renesas


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