This Motor Solution Kit is a reference kit that enables easy initial evaluation and advanced development of customer's motor control system development using RZ/T2M with low voltage 24V BLDC motor.

A motor solution board (equipped with RZ/T2M BGA320, functional safety supported) and 24V BLDC motor(equipped with Nikon absolute encoder or incremental encoder) are available for free rental. Evaluation software, motion utility tools, schematics, and board manuals can be downloaded from following Documentation and Design & Development

Package contents

  • RZ/T2M Motor Solution Board
    • RZ/T2M Controller Board (*1)
    • Low-voltage 1-axis drive inverter board
  • Motion utility software
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Schematics
  • RZ/T2M Motor Solution Board Manual
  • RZ/T2M Motor Solution Kit Startup Manual

(*1): 2-axis control is possible by connecting two low-voltage 1-axis drive inverter boards.

This solution is available for rent.


  • Power voltage: 24V
  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor (brushless DC motor)
  • 2-axis control is possible by connecting two low-voltage 1-axis drive inverter boards.
  • Switching frequency: 20kHz
  • Current detection (CT: Current Transducer、ΣΔ Modulator (RV1S9353A))
  • Position detection(*1)
    • Incremental encoder x2
    • Absolute encoder x2
  • Ethernet ports x2, CAN, UART, USB
  • Abnormal detection
    • Bus voltage
    • Overcurrent
  • Motion utility software (Windows application)
    • Supports two axes
    • Supports incremental/absolute encoder
    • Position control, motion control (trapezoidal control, S-curve control)
    • Real-time internal data extraction/waveform display (motion scope)
    • Tuning of Kp, Ki, Kd


  • The software that controls the RZ/T2M motor position/speed enables the initial evaluation of RZ/T2M for development of industrial motor equipment
    • Initial evaluation of 2-axis motors can be done by combining one controller board and two low-voltage single-axis drive inverter boards
  • We can provide software that runs on the board, PC software, as well as schematics to reduce the development time for customers
  • The combination of the RZ/T2M's Delta-Sigma interface and Renesas' Delta-Sigma modulator makes highly accurate current sensing possible.
    • We can provide a reference circuit for current sensing on the U/V/W phase lines of the motor. Sample programs can also be provided.
  • The RZ/T2M is equipped with an encoder interface that supports various absolute encoder protocols and can be combined with an RS-485 Transmitter/Receiver to support various encoders.
    • This currently supports incremental/absolute encoders (A-format only). Various absolute encoders are planned to be supported in the future. This combination eliminates the need for the ASICs and FPGAs that were previously required.
  • It is equipped with 2-channel RJ-45 and future support for EtherCAT is planned
  • An RX72N and a monitoring IC are included to provide a reference circuit for a functional safety system that enables dual monitoring functionality with the RZ/T2M and RX72N.



  • AC servo
  • Industrial motor
  • Inverter
  • Motion controller


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