Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/T2L is an evaluation and development kit for the RZ/T2L MPU.

By simply connecting the bundled cable to your PC, you can immediately start evaluation through an on-board emulator. This product contains rich functional ICs such as Gigabit Ethernet PHY and Octal Flash so you can evaluate various functions of the RZ/T2L without an extension board.

When using EtherCAT, please see "9. Precautions for use" in Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/T2L User’s Manual.


  • On-board RZ/T2L MPU 196-pin (R9A07G074M04GBG)
  • Functions of RZ/T2L can be fully evaluated with rich functional mounted ICs such as Gigabit Ethernet PHY and Octal Flash.
  • Provides generic interface such as Pmod™/Grove®/QWIIC®/mikroBUS™
  • External extension pin headers allow users to freely combine with the user's custom hardware system and evaluate RZ/T2L
  • Simply start debugging by connecting USB cable to PC with mounted on-board emulator circuit (Two USB cables are bundled: one for emulator, and the other for power supply)
  • Supports Renesas IDE e² studio and FSP for RZ/T2



Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
e² studio - information for RZ Family
Eclipse-based Renesas integrated development environment (IDE).
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
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Software & Tools - Software
[Software=RZ/T2 Flexible Software Package Setup|v1.10],[Toolchains=GNU ARM Embedded|v9.3.1,20200408;IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM v9.30.1]
Log in to Download ZIP 38.60 MB
Application: Industrial
Compiler: GCC, ICCARM IDE: e2 studio, IAR EWARM
Software & Tools - Software Log in to Download EXE 592.76 MB 日本語
Software & Tools - Software Log in to Download EXE 1,472.14 MB 日本語
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Sample Code

RZ/T RZ/N FSP Tutorial - Pin Configuration Function

This video shows you how to use the FSP - Pin Configuration function for RZ/T and RZ/N devices. It teaches you how to set up pins using the Pins tab and shows examples of pin conflicts. It also shows what the pin setup looks like when it’s done, so you can check your work.

00:29 Introduction of Pin Configuration
04:36 Features Available in Pin Configuration GUI
07:28 Pin Conflict Example
11:57 Pin Configuration Output and Usage

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