RX111 MCU operating at 3 V is running at 32 MHz and enables medium system response of the vector controlled algorithm. The Field Oriented Algorithm enables to control the motor speed, torque in a sensorless techniques in any load conditions. Furthermore, the RX111 MCUs are able to control a single 3-phase Permanent Magnet motor and fully manage a complex equipment. Finally, the PC GUI & embedded software enable the auto-tuning of PI current coefficient & automatic motor parameters identification.

To increase the overall efficiency of any inverter, two additional parameters can be dynamically modified by the PC GUI: the Pulse Width Modulation frequency (PWM) and the control loop frequency. This enables any designer to make the right compromise between system dynamics, CPU load and overall efficiency.

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  • Memory Footprint: 30 KB Flash / 3 KB RAM
  • PWM Frequency: 16 kHz
  • Control loop Frequency: up to 16 kHz
  • CPU time available: 45%
  • Auto-tuning PI current: Enable by default
  • Motor calibration: Enable by default
  • Flux weakening algorithm: Enable by default
  • Voltage bus monitoring: Enable by default
  • Fail-safe mechanism: Enable by default



  • Air Conditioner
  • Electric Fan
  • Industrial Drive
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • Drone
  • Printer
  • MFP
  • E-Bike


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