The Renesas Starter Kit+ for RX671 is the perfect starter kit for developers who are new to the RX671 (Code Flash 2MB, Pin Count 144-pin). The kit includes an LCD display module and an on-chip debugging emulator. Download the integrated development environment (CS+ version and e² studio version) from the Renesas website and start evaluating RX671 performance, right after unboxing the Renesas Starter Kit.


  • Devices: RX671 (R5F5671EHDFB: Supported Encrypt Function, Code Flash 2MB, Pin Count 144-pin)
  • RX671 builds in Trusted Secure IP. AES encryption function and robust key management can be evaluated.
  • Mounts SD slot. SDHI (SD Host Interface) can be evaluated.
  • Touch feature (self-capacitive type) can be evaluated. Download the sample code including project for Touch feature evaluation on Renesas Web site (CS+ version and e² studio version).
  • Mounts Audio circuit. SSIE (Serial Sound Interface) can be evaluated.
  • 1 channel USB Function and 1 channel USB Host can be evaluated.
  • In addition, RSPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and QSPIX (Quad Serial Peripheral Interface), etc. can be evaluated.
  • Application combining functions using FIT (Firmware Integration Technology) module can be evaluated.
  • Required IBM-PC compatible PC(need USB interface, Processor 1GHz over), OS: Windows 10/8.1(other than the listed OS is not supported)



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Software & Tools

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Quick-Connect IoT Platform
Quick-Connect IoT platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.
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Sample Code

RX671 HMI+Cloud Single Chip Solution

Introducing a solution that enables HMI and cloud connectivity functions on a single chip using the RX671. This solution provides a reference demo for a comprehensive experience of voice recognition, touch keys, and cloud connectivity. Demo software can be downloaded from the Renesas website. For details, refer to the application note "RX671 Group Voice recognition / Touch and Cloud solution using Renesas Starter Kit+ for RX671 Rev.1.00 - Sample Code (ZIP)".