The Smart Moisture Sensor solution uses the RL78/G11 MCU's moisture sensor to measure the conditions of soil, and transfer the data to a smartphone app via an RL78/G1D Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module which can be graphically shown. For example, the app can provide a moisture vs. temperature graph. Additionally, the Smart Moisture Sensor can control a water valve by outputting a motor signal. The system also includes a buzzer to warn users if the soil becomes too dry.

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  • Includes an oscillator that facilitates the low power capabilities of the Bluetooth module
  • A blue LED provides an indication of BLE operation
  • Smartphone app available to communicate with the Smart Moisture Sensor via its built-in Bluetooth module
  • UART and I2C connections allow alternative communication methods with the RL78/G11 MCU
  • Debugger connections to program the device
  • Power to the device is controlled by the RL78/G11
  • 6-pin header allows for different types of motors to be controlled
  • Moisture sensor consists of two contacts (one on each side of the prong) which measure the resistance of the surrounding soil
  • Specify and configure automatic watering mode
  • SMS hardware is powered by a single AA battery



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