JNE's 3-Phase Smart Meter is a ready-to-use solution for smart metering using the onboard Renesas MCU RL78/I1C -512K/100Pin. The 3-phase, 4-wire Class 1 / Class 0.5S meter is designed with low current consumption, low cost meter and high-performance solution. This would be an ideal solution for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), Peak Load Management (PLM) including meter demand response. The meter will communicate with HES through GPRS connectivity.


  • Operating Voltage 110-300V (at any Channel)
  • Basic current 5A / 10A ,Maximum current 60 / 120A
  • Operating Frequency 50 Hz ± 10%
  • LCD display with 7 digits, RTC accuracy of ± 5 PPM at 25º
  • Power consumption as per IS- 16444 (3W/8VA)
  • Kwh—impulse output as per IEC 52053-31
  • Complying IS 15959 part-2 standard for DLMS
  • Fundamental to 31st Harmonic measurement
  • Tamper detection & Event logging with active energy, voltage and current snap shots
  • Load connection/disconnection through latching relays



  • Smart Meter
  • Net Metering
  • Energy Monitoring
  • EV Charger/Station