The R0K578L1CD000BR is an RL78/L1C HMI (human machine interface) evaluation kit that includes a segmented LCD display circuit, an audio playback circuit, and a capacitive touch circuit. With this kit, users can develop and evaluate USB products and HMI for home appliances, healthcare equipment, and other products with communication functions with ease.

* A demonstration for home appliance communications was performed using this solution kit mounted with a wireless module and supporting the ECHONET Lite protocol at Embedded Technology 2013.

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  • Built-in segmented LCD display, touch input, and audio playback functionality Makes it easy to develop and evaluate human machine interface for home appliances, healthcare equipment, and other products
    • Built-in touch detection makes it easy to improve the design of a product
    • Audio middleware for audio playback and speech rate conversion
    • Internal voltage boosting enables LCD display with low power consumption
    • Built-in sensor control system for M2M
  • The built-in USB functions and serial flash memory of the RL78/L1C enable measured data to be stored and transferred via USB to a smartphone or computer. Example: Healthcare equipment
  • ECHONET Lite communications are possible. The kit has also been shown to work with external modules for 920 MHz (sub-GHz) band communication which has been certified under the Japanese Radio Law, ZigBee RF4CE, and PLC (DSCK).


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