The Renesas RH850/F1KM-S1 BLDC Starter kit V2 (Y-BLDC-SK-RH850F1KM-S1-V2) enables engineers to easily test and evaluate the performance of RH850/F1KM-S1 in a laboratory environment when driving a 3-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) using an advanced sensorless field-oriented control algorithm. Typical applications for this type of solution are compressors, air conditioning, fans, air extractors, pumps, home appliances inverters, and industrial drives.

The starter kits come with a powerful user-friendly PC Graphical User Interface (GUI), which gives real-time access to key motor performance parameters. But it is also possible to drive the motor stand-alone with no PC connected by using the mounted encoder and the potentiometer. Some parameters can also be shown on the OLED display (not included).

The phase current measurement is done via three shunts, which offers a low-cost solution, avoiding the need for an expensive current sensor or hall sensor.

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star RH850/F1KM-S1 BLDC Starter Kit V2 User's Manual Manual - Development Tools PDF 1.50 MB
RH850/F1KM-S1 Field Oriented Motor Control on a RH850/F1KM-S1 Starterkit V3 Manual - Development Tools PDF 1.77 MB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
Y-BLDC-SK-RH850F1KM-S1-V2 Sample Code Sample Code ZIP 3.12 MB
Y-BLDC-SK-RH850F1KM-S1 Sample Code Sample Code ZIP 2.29 MB