Do you want to find the right suitable microcontroller for non-automotive applications out of the wide line-up of 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs Renesas Electronics can offer for your next application design?

Using this smart MCU Guide App you will be able to do a search based on more than 60 parameters to find the right choice among the RA, RX, RL78 and Synergy product families.

MCU Guide App Parametric Search
MCU Guide App Start Screen
Once the right fitting product for your application needs has been found, you can get instant access to the product details like datasheet, block diagram, sample ordering etc.
MCU Guide App: Parametric search input dialog, result overview table, and product page
Part Number Search Development Board Search
If you have found a Renesas part name and wonder about the specification and feature set, simply key in this part number to the part number search interface to get full details.
MCU Guide App: Part Number Search input dialog and result overview table
Here you can search by development board metric item, special hardware elements, communication interface, etc. to drill down to the right board for your needs.
MCU Guide App: Development board information

MCU Guide App Features

  • Easy-to-use MCU selection guide
  • MCU Parametric Search – more than 60 selectable parameter categories for MCU selection
  • Development Board Parametric Search – parameter categories search for development boards
  • Featuring RA, RX, RL78 and Synergy product families
  • Comparing different selections by data table
  • Easy sharing of found products by using social media interfaces and email
  • Redirect to ordering site
  • Instant datasheet access
  • Access to product block diagram
  • Part Number Search
  • Access to the communities for RA, RX, RL78, and Synergy

Finding the right MCU for your Big Ideas is now only a fingertip away!

Download the MCU Guide app now from either the Apple or Android stores or directly the APK file for Android