The QS3VH16244 HotSwitch is a 16-bit high bandwidth bus switch with very low ON resistance, resulting in under 250ps propagation delay through the switch. The switches can be turned ON under the control of the LVTTL-compatible xG signal for bidirectional data flow with no added delay or ground bounce. The switches are 5V-tolerant. The combination of near-zero propagation delay, high OFF impedance, and over-voltage tolerance makes the QS3VH16244 ideal for high performance communications applications. The QS3VH16244 operates from -40C to +85C.


  • N channel FET switches with no parasitic diode to Vcc
  • Isolation under power-off conditions
  • No DC path to Vcc or GND
  • 5V tolerant in OFF and ON state
  • 5V tolerant I/Os
  • Low RON - 4 u typical
  • Flat RON characteristics over operating range
  • Rail-to-rail switching 0 - 5V
  • Bidirectional dataflow with near-zero delay: no added ground bounce
  • Excellent RON matching between channels
  • Vcc operation: 2.3V to 3.6V
  • High bandwidth - up to 500 MHz
  • LVTTL-compatible control Inputs
  • Undershoot Clamp Diodes on all switch and control Inputs
  • Low I/O capacitance, 4pF typical
  • Available in 48 pin TSSOP package




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