We develop and design LSIs based on various technologies related to LSIs such as digital, analog, and memory.


Design support, Foundry support



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As an LSI design partner of various semiconductor manufacturers, the company has been providing LSI development and design services for about 50 years. Development performed in the past encompasses a wide variety of fields, including analog, memory, LCD, LED drivers, and microcomputer logic. For development of RF and analog mixed signal in particular, a wealth of technologies including power circuit, amplifier circuit, high frequency LSI, and system LSI digital mixed macro have been accumulated. TOPPAN prides itself on industry-leading technical know-how. And we are providing LSI Turnkey Service. This is a solution-based business aiming to provide a total range of services, from circuit design to LSI prototype and mass production based on each customer’s requirements and specifications. Our strengths in the analog field include wireless communication technologies, high-speed transmission technologies, sensor circuits, and power circuits. In the digital field, the company has expertise in low power circuits. Through collaborations with partners with their own particular strengths, we respond to clients’ requests for custom LSIs.


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