The RTKA788152DE0000BU RS-485 evaluation board is used to evaluate the half-duplex transceivers of the RAA78815x family of RS-485 transceivers.

The RAA78815x family includes half and full-duplex transceivers with active-high driver-enable pins and active-low receiver-enable pins. These transceivers support data rates of 115kbps, 1Mbps and 20Mbps with a performance that is characterized from -40 °C to +85 °C.


  • Single 115kbps half-duplex transceiver
  • RAA788152 (115kbps version currently installed) can be unsoldered and replaced by RAA788155 (1Mbps version) or RAA788158 (20Mbps version)
  • Placeholders for fail-safe biasing resistors
  • Configuration jumpers to operate the transceiver as transmitter or receiver, or as a transmitter with loopback



  • Industrial networks in factory automation
  • Building automation: lighting, elevators, HVAC
  • Industrial process control networks
  • Security camera networks
  • Networks with star topology
  • Long-haul networks in coal mines and oil rigs
  • High node count networks
  • Automated utility e-meter reading systems


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Application: Industrial, IoT Applications
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RAA78815x Family of 5V RS-485/422 Transceivers with +/-5KV EFT Immunity

Overview of the key features, advantages and target applications for the RAA78815x family of 5V RS-485/422 transceivers with +/-5KV EFT immunity.