This product is an evaluation kit for DC-based power line communication for developing software and evaluating systems compatible with Renesas' PLC modem IC R9A06G061. This product is a complete evaluation platform comprising the analog front end and control MCU required for DC power line communication.

To evaluate PLC communication using this product, the PHY Performance Evaluation Tool: SimpleMAC GUI is required. Please download SimpleMAC GUI and User's Manual from the Downloads section of this page. (Two or more of this kit are necessary for evaluating PLC communication)


  • Supported MCU and PLC modem IC
    • MCU Group: RX651
    • Part number of MCU mounted on board: R5F5651EHDFP
    • PLC modem IC: R9A06G061
    • Part number of PLC modem IC mounted board: R9A06G061
  • The kit contains the following four boards.
    • DC-PLC board: PLC modem IC (CPX4: R9A06G061) and AFE device
    • Control MCU board: RX651: R5F5651EHDFP
    • Power filter board: Filter for removing PLC signal
    • PMOD conversion board: Pmod™ connector female-male conversion board
  • Supported frequencies:
    • Supported 1: 98.4375kHz - 121.875kHz
    • Supported 2: 154.6875kHz - 487.5kHz
  • Power line voltage: 16 - 48VDC
  • Power supply:
    • Line power supply: Power supply DC voltage from communication line (DC16-48V, 0.5A or more recommended)
    • External power supply: Power supply DC voltage from AC adapter (DC16-48V, 1A or more recommended)
      [Note: AC adapter is not included]
  • Main unit outer dimensions: 120×80×27 mm



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