GR-MANGO is the Gadget Renesas board for the Renesas RZ family's RZ/A2M group of microprocessors (MPU) products. Layout compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, GR-MANGO is an Arm® Mbed™ enabled development platform. Additionally, the Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor (DRP) equipped in the RZ/A2M can perform image processing that is 10 times faster than conventional CPU processing. The library for DRP enables power-saving and high-speed processing of camera images. And, it is equipped with input/output interfaces such as HDMI, audio, Ethernet, USB, and CAN, and can realize high-level IoT systems and embedded AI.

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  • Equipped with Renesas' original Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor technology
  • Equipped with Arm Cortex-A9 RZ/A2M
  • High-speed operation of CPU 528MHz
  • Built-in RAM 4MB, external 16MB
  • MIPI-CSI camera interface
  • Micro HDMI
  • Ethernet
  • Audio In/Out
  • USB host function (Type-C)
  • CAN
GR-Mango Board


GR-Mango Raspberry Pi 4
GR-Mango HDMI Interface


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