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The wide range of interfaces in today’s computing systems (PCI Express, SATA, USB, SAS, DMI, QPI, Hypertransport, Ethernet, etc.), and the multiple CPU architectures (Intel, Freescale, etc.) demand a daunting array of tradeoffs in areas of performance, BOM cost, and board space. Renesas has the longest-standing relationship with the industry’s leading CPU and compute vendors to offer both the largest portfolio of motherboard clock solutions and value-added processor clocks that provide customer-optimized tradeoffs.

Renesas is a leading innovator in the compute timing space with many firsts including first to introduce low-power HCSL outputs to replace standard-HCSL outputs for power savings up to 85%; first to provide dynamic frequency control for over/under clocking and margining, and first to incorporate multiple PLLs in a single device to save power and board space. Renesas takes pride in offering motherboard clock and server clock solutions that best fit your particular design. Find your ideal timing solution by browsing our motherboard clock generators or motherboard clock buffer portfolios.

About Motherboard Clocks

Motherboard clocks are the main clock synthesizers for PC and server platform CPU chipsets. The devices generally use a low-cost, standard quartz crystal at the input, and generate multiple high-quality timing signals for the CPU and PCI Express bus. The motherboard clocks are designed specifically to meet all the requirements of the CPU vendor’s clock specification. Renesas provides some of the industry’s most integrated, low-power motherboard clocks that have been validated by leading CPU vendors.


Processor Clock Buffers

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Processor Clock Generators

Computing clock generators and application-specific clock generators products

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