Single-chip system power supply for CPU core and DDR (DDR2 and DDR3)

  • Switching regulator × 2 ch. (variable, 0.8V to 10V)
  • Dual N-ch. MOSFETs synchronous drive (Renesas HAT2210RJ recommended)
  • Support for backup mode using external control
  • Operating power supply voltage range: 3.4V to 50V (50V: 250msec)
  • HTQFP-64 package with small mounting area
  • On-chip 8-ch. 12-bit ADC (successive approximation type)
  • SPI setting, output
  • Switchable input level (3.3V/5V)
  • Input tolerant (excluding shutdown)

On-chip function for varying reg. voltage using adaptive voltage scaling (AVS) port

R2A11301FT System Block Diagram

R2A11301FT system block diagram


Item R2A11301FT Specifications
SW System Synchronous rectification
Number of Output Channels 2CH: for CPU-Core and DDR
Max. Output Current Various settings with external components arbitrarily
Switching Frequency Variable (410kHz, 460kHz), external input PLL available
Operating Temperature range -40 °C to 105 °C
Input Withstand Voltage 3.4V to 35V
Output Voltage Variable (0.8V~10V)
Output Voltage Tolerance ±1% (whole temp. range) <Target value>
Soft-start Function yes
Anti-FET Overcurrent at Start-up yes
Phase-shift Available for Oscillation yes
AVS Variable - Width: +/-35mV (3 steps: -35mV, no adjustment, K35mV)
AD Converter 12-bit/8CH
Successive approximation type
Input tolerant, 5V/3V input available
Supply voltage: 3.3V
Control and output by SPI interface
  • SPI interface:
    • Switchable overcurrent detection level
    • SW_Clock selectable/internal and external clock mode select
Package HQFP-64 (Lead-free, Halogen-free)

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