The DG441 and DG442 monolithic CMOS analog switches are drop-in replacements for the popular DG201A and DG202 series devices. They include four independent single pole single throw (SPST) analog switches, TTL and CMOS compatible digital inputs, and a voltage reference for logic thresholds. These switches feature lower analog ON resistance (85Ω) and faster switch time (tON 250ns) compared to the DG201A and DG202. Charge injection has been reduced, simplifying sample and hold applications. The improvements in the DG441 series are made possible by using a high voltage silicon-gate process. An epitaxial layer prevents the latch-up associated with older CMOS technologies. The 44V maximum voltage range permits controlling 40VP-P signals. Power supplies may be single ended from +5V to +34V, symmetrical supplies from ±5V to ±22V or asymmetrical supplies limited to a maximum differential voltage of 44V with a V+ max of 34V or a V- max of -25V. The four switches are bilateral, equally matched for AC or bidirectional signals. The ON resistance variation with analog signals is quite low over a ±5V analog input range. The switches in the DG441 and DG442 are identical, differing only in the polarity of the selection logic.


  • ON Resistance (Max) 85Ω
  • Low Power Consumption (PD) <1.6mW
  • Fast Switching Action
  • tON (Max) 250ns
  • tOFF (Max, DG441) 120ns
  • Low Charge Injection
  • Upgrade from DG201A, DG202
  • TTL, CMOS Compatible
  • Single or Split Supply Operation
  • Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)




  • Audio Switching
  • Battery Operated Systems
  • Data Acquisition
  • Hi-Rel Systems
  • Sample and Hold Circuits
  • Communication Systems
  • Automatic Test Equipment


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