The R2A20162 is an integrated circuit semiconductor of CMOS structure with 2 channels of built in D/A converters with output buffer op-amps. It is the electrical characteristic improvement version of the M62342. Serial data transfer type input can easily be used through a combination of three lines: DI, CLK, and LD. Outputs incorporate buffer op-amps that have a drive capacity of 1 mA or above for both sink source, and can operate over the entire voltage range from almost ground to Vcc ( 0 to 5V ), making peripheral elements unnecessary and enabling configuration of a system with few component parts. Very small SON package is added to lineup. It is suitable for a small mounting and reduces the mounting area.


  • Guarantee Differential Nonlinearity error : +/- 0.7LSB, Nonlinearity error : +/- 1.0LSB,
  • Data transfer format: 10-bit serial data input type by 3 wire ( DI, SCK, LD )
  • Output buffer op-amps: Operable over entire voltage range from almost ground to Vcc ( 0 to 5V )
  • High output current capacity: +/- 1mA or Higher
  • Very mall size package line-up: SON-8 (pin pitch: 0.5mm), TSSOP-8 (pin pitch 0.65mm)




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