Renesas has several specialized amplifiers including instrumentation amplifiers, power FET drivers, programmable gamma, RF amplifiers, SH amplifiers, transistor arrays, and VCOM amplifiers. Select the options below for the type of specialty amplifier you are interested in.


Instrumentation Amplifiers

Precision and high-performance in-amps and PGIAs

PowerFET/CCD Drivers

Drivers that enable digital devices to drive high capacitive loads

Programmable Gamma Reference Amplifiers for Display

Programmable gamma buffers and TFT-LCD reference voltage generator ICs

RF Amplifiers & Gain Blocks

RF amplifiers designed for general-purpose video and receiver applications

Sample and Hold Amplifiers

SHAs for general-purpose, military and defense data acquisition applications

Transistor Arrays

NPN, PNP and NPN-PNP transistor arrays based on UHF-1 SOI process

VCOM Amplifiers and Calibrators for Display

VCOM op amps, buffers and calibrators ideal for display applications


Tools & Resources