The HA-5127 monolithic operational amplifier features an unparalleled combination of precision DC and wideband High-Speed characteristics. Utilizing the Intersil D. I. technology and advanced processing techniques, this unique design unites low noise (3nV/√Hz) precision instrumentation performance with High-Speed (10V/µs) wideband capability. This amplifier's impressive list of features include low VOS (10µV), wide unity gain-bandwidth (8. 5MHz), high open loop gain (1800V/mV), and high CMRR (126dB). Additionally, this flexible device operates over a wide supply range (±5V to ±15V) while consuming only 140mW of power. Using the HA-5127 allows designers to minimize errors while maximizing speed and bandwidth. This device is ideally suited for low level transducer signal amplifier circuits. Other applications which can utilize the HA-5127's qualities include instrumentation amplifiers, pulse amplifiers, audio preamplifiers, and signal conditioning circuits. This device can easily be used as a design enhancement by directly replacing the 725, OP25, OP06, OP07, OP27 and OP37. For the military grade product, refer to the HA-5127/883 data sheet.


  • Slew Rate: 10V/µs
  • Unity Gain Bandwidth: 8.5MHz
  • Low Noise: 3nV/√Hz at 1kHz
  • Low VOS: 10µV
  • High CMRR: 126dB
  • High Gain: 1800V/mV
  • Pb-Free Available (RoHS Compliant)




  • High Speed Signal Conditioners
  • Wide Bandwidth Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Low Level Transducer Amplifiers
  • Fast, Low Level Voltage Comparators
  • Highest Quality Audio Preamplifiers
  • Pulse/RF Amplifiers


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