Renesas supports our long-lifecycle customers with extended life and stable supply of products in our Product Longevity Program (PLP). We target to maintain a supply of PLP products for a minimum of 15 (fifteen) years from product launch, supported by standard end-of-life notification policies. Life cycle management after a product's participation in the PLP will be the same as other Renesas products.

Renesas manages the program with our outside foundries and other manufacturing resources. We may need to migrate a PLP product to a comparable product that is form, fit and function compatible. In such circumstances, Renesas will re-qualify the product to maintain its status in the PLP. We understand that the PLP plays an important role for our customers in selecting a part. Renesas will make the utmost effort to provide all related information promptly after changes occur that may affect PLP products using its product/process change policy (product change notification).

Active Longevity Products

Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs

Part NumberProduct LaunchMin Term
DA14580-01UNMar-1415 years
DA14580-01ATMar-1415 years
DA14581-00UNMar-1415 years
DA14581-00ATMar-1415 years
DA14581-00000VRMar-1415 years
DA14585-00000VVJun-1715 years
DA14585-00000ATJun-1715 years
DA14585-00000ATJun-1715 years
DA14681-01000U2Mar-1615 years
DA14681-01000A9Mar-1615 years
DA14691-00000HQ2Jan-1915 years
DA14695-00000HQ2Jan-1915 years
DA14697-00000HR2Jan-1915 years
DA14699-00000HR2Jan-1915 years
DA14683-00000A92Sept-1815 years
DA14683-00000U22Sept-1815 years
DA14531-00000OG2Nov-1915 years
DA14531-00000FX2Nov-1915 years
DA14531 ModuleJun-2010 years

General Purpose Power Management ICs (PMICs)

Part NumberProduct LaunchMin Term
DA9061-AJun-1615 years
DA9062-AJun-1615 years
DA9063-AMar-1615 years
DA9063L-AMar-1615 years
DA9210-AJan-1715 years
DA9213-ADec-1715 years
DA9214-ADec-1715 years
DA9215-ADec-1715 years
DA9217May-1915 years
DA9220May-1915 years
DA9121May-1915 years
DA9122May-1915 years
DA9223-ANov-1915 years
DA9224-ANov-1915 years
DA9225-ANov-1915 years

GreenPAK™ Programmable Mixed-signal Products

Part NumberProduct LaunchMin Term
SLG46108VTRJul-1615 Years
SLG46110VTRSep-1415 Years
SLG46120VTROct-1415 Years
SLG46140VTRJun-1515 Years
SLG46533VTRNov-1615 Years
SLG46534VTRDec-1615 Years
SLG46536VTRJun-1715 Years
SLG46537VTRSep-1715 Years
SLG46538VTRMar-1815 Years
SLG46620-AGTRAug-1915 Years
SLG46620GTRDec-1715 Years
SLG46620VTRMay-1515 Years
SLG46621VTRFeb-1615 Years
SLG46721VTRJun-1315 Years
SLG46722VTRAug-1415 Years
SLG46811VTRMar-2115 Years
SLG46824GTRMay-1815 Years
SLG46824VTRMay-1815 Years
SLG46826GTRMay-1815 Years
SLG46826VTRMay-1815 Years
SLG46827-AGTRJan-2015 Years
SLG46855-APTRMar-2115 Years
SLG46855VTRJan-1815 Years
SLG46880VTRMay-1815 Years
SLG46881VTRMay-1815 Years
SLG47004VTRNov-2015 Years
SLG47105VTRJun-2015 Years
SLG47115VTRSep-2215 Years
SLG88103VTRMar-1715 Years
SLG88104VTRMar-1715 Years

Audio & Voice

Part NumberProduct LaunchMin Term
SC14441C52R101QNCFeb-1315 years
SC14241B52R100QNCApr-1215 years


Part NumberProduct LaunchMin Term
DA16200-00000A32May-2015 years
DA16200-00000F22May-2015 years
DA16200MOD-AAC4WA32May-2010 years
DA16200MOD-AAE4WA32May-2010 years
DA16600MOD-AACDec-2010 years
DA16600MOD-AAEDec-2010 years

Non-volatile Memory

Part NumberProduct LaunchMin Term
AT25DF011Jan-1420 years
AT25DF011 (125°C)Jan-1420 years
AT25DF021AJan-1420 years
AT25DF021A (125°C)Jan-1420 years
AT25DF041BJan-1420 years
AT25DF041B (125°C)Jan-1420 years
AT25DF512CJan-1420 years
AT25FF041AJan-1910 years
AT25FF081AJan-1910 years
AT25FF161AJan-1910 years
AT25FF321AJan-1910 years
AT25PE16Jan-1710 years
AT25PE20Jan-1710 years
AT25PE40Jan-1710 years
AT25PE80Jan-1710 years
AT25QF128AJan-1815 years
AT25QF641BJan-1815 years
AT25SF041BJan-2010 years
AT25SF081BJan-2010 years
AT25SF161BJan-2010 years
AT25SF321BJan-2010 years
AT25SF641BJan-2010 years
AT25XE011Jan-1420 years
AT25XE021AJan-1420 years
AT25XE041BJan-1420 years
AT25XE041B (125°C)Jan-1420 years
AT25XE041DJan-1910 years
AT25XE081DJan-1910 years
AT25XE161DJan-1910 years
AT25XE321DJan-1910 years
AT25XE512CJan-1420 years
AT25XV021AJan-1420 years
AT25XV041BJan-1420 years
AT45DB021EJan-1320 years
AT45DB041EJan-1320 years
AT45DB041E (125°C)Jan-1320 years
AT45DB081EJan-1320 years
AT45DB161EJan-1320 years
AT45DB321EJan-1320 years
AT45DB641EJan-1320 years
AT45DQ161Jan-1320 years
AT45DQ321Jan-1320 years
AT45DQ321 (105°C)Jan-1320 years
AT25EU0011AJan-2110 years
AT25EU0021AJan-2110 years
AT25EU0041AApr-2310 years
AT25EU0081ADec-2310 years
AT25EU0161AJun-2410 years

Important Notes

  1. Information regarding the Renesas Product Longevity Program is published only on this website and is subject to change. Please check for changes or product additions regularly.
  2. This program provides an indication of the supply period of a product.
  3. The participation of a product in the program, its date of termination, and the contents of the program itself may be subject to change due to various circumstances.
  4. PCN (Product Change Notices) for changes in product specifications, manufacturing facilities, or materials may be issued due to various circumstances even while this program is in effect.
  5. Even while this program is in effect, a Longevity Product may be replaced by another (equivalent) product in the program. Products to which this applies will be indicated in a list published on the website for about three months following the change.
  6. The ending date for a product’s Longevity Program is the date that was planned at the point in time when it was officially announced. It is subject to change.