February 15, 2021

Tokyo, Japan, February 15, 2021—Renesas Electronics Corporation today announced an update on the impact of the earthquake that hit the coast of Fukushima Prefecture and the surrounding areas on February 13 at 11:08 p.m. JST on Renesas Group (“the Group”) business operation.

Operations were temporarily halted at Naka Factory (Ibaraki Prefecture), but we have restarted wafer supply as of today, February 15 JST, and will resume front-end manufacturing processes within its clean room from tomorrow, February 16 JST. 

The Group will resume production of the front-end manufacturing processes step by step and expects to reach full pre-earthquake production capacity of Naka Factory (wafer input base) in around one week of the earthquake. 

As of February 15, Renesas has so far received no reports on the damage on Renesas’ overall supply chain including suppliers and partner companies from this earthquake.