Amit Bavisi
Amit Bavisi
Vice President and GM Wireless Power Division
Published: June 23, 2022

At Renesas, we are committed to our corporate vision outlined by our CEO Toshi Shibata to “make our lives easier.” Wireless Power is one of many technologies that we have continued to innovate and raise customer expectations. For more than 10 years now, we have persistently focused on improving in three dimensions; creativity and better user experience, better ergonomics in industrial design to help devices blend into users’ lifestyles and being versatile. 

While you can find wireless power embedded into various everyday devices such as in home, car, airplanes, hotels, and industrial robots, each of our Renesas wireless power solutions have been designed to excel in technical advancement and practical solutions to the common problems that improve bill of material and customer design cycle time.


Our solutions can be found in low power and low thickness applications such as active stylus or digital pens. These pens are now common in smartphones, tablets and other creativity-driven devices. We have developed significant system knowledge to help our customers develop the next-generation stylus solutions with wireless charging receiver and transmitter solutions (for stylus and end device respectively). We have particularly optimized the magnetic coil design, higher frequency of operation enabling sleek stylus design and eliminating e-waste by eradicating the coin cell or AAAA batteries.

Kids using stylus with tablet


Pet Tracker

Renesas was the first to market to enable premium smartphones with reverse charging or bidirectional charging capability. We enabled such versatile features by focusing on system-level collaborative design with our customers, in addition to IC design, as well as firmware communication and control algorithms. Such features have enabled highly versatile wireless charging capabilities in smartphones that enable the next generation of applications such as smart doors and e-locks, smart banking, smart batteries and accessories. By optimizing the overall solution and ease of design, we also are excited to find our applications in even broader solutions such as smart pet tags and trackers.

Better ergonomics

While flat back or planar industrial devices were almost mandatory for wireless charging early on, we continue to excel in blending our solutions to meet more ergonomic industrial design requirements that are now demanded in everyday devices such as smart watches and smart glasses. In these applications, we have crafted our solutions by keeping in mind customer requirements for fast charging capabilities while keeping surface temperatures low and keeping the overall solution small by launching the world’s highest power density devices with high efficiency. In addition, we have optimized our operating solution frequencies to enable smaller and lighter coil designs to limit the weight added to the final products.

Smart Glasses

In a supply-constrained environment, Renesas continues to provide these cutting-edge solutions with our global supply partners and a robust supply chain to back our products. In addition, to ensure even more scale and ease of use, we are expanding our overall appeal to customers by attaching wireless power to even more Winning Combination reference designs to simplify design and deployment.

I am very excited by the variety of solutions we have deployed for our customers and even more excited with the technologies we have in development. We will soon bring to market new IC architectures and feature-rich solutions including complete battery management solutions, as well as broad digital features to simplify system design. Our talented global technical teams in the US, China and Europe are available to work very closely with our industrial design and solution partners and customers to ensure that the next generation of wireless charging-enabled devices is even better.

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