Bhushan Patel
Bhushan Patel
Sr Staff Product Marketing Specialist
Published: May 23, 2022

The Covid pandemic has increased demand for consumer electronics and supplies. This has introduced the need for efficiency and reliability for the manufacturing industry. To efficiently use factory resources while facing labor shortages, manufacturers are adding smart factory practices, creating the need for equipment monitoring and multi-use equipment. I feel more technical innovation related to the effective use of factory resources will drive the next wave of factory automation. And demand for goods has increased with a temporary shortage of workforce.

We provide low-cost integration options for customers who have an urgency to improve factory efficiency. We are offering an EtherCAT slave-enabled microcontroller to perform control and monitoring tasks in robotics, AC Servo, AD Drive application in a factory, and make the manufacturing process autonomous and efficient.

Image of Solution
  1. RX72M CPU board with RDC-IC compatible with Motor RSSK
    • Evaluation System for BLDC Motor
    • Evaluation System for Stepping Motor with Resolver
  2. Sample codes compliant with CiA402 (by RX72M)
  3. Application Note

This solution combines motor control using EtherCAT very effectively. For more information, please refer to the Renesas Website, and look forward to the next blog in June.

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