Yoshihiko Awazu
Published: July 28, 2021

Hello everyone, I am Awazu and I am in charge of R-Car digital marketing.

By the way, did everyone read the blog “Customer Value of Automotive Business (Series 17): Introduction of R-Car Consortium・Proactive Partner Program” which I provided last year? After publishment, Renesas got many contacts and account registration requests for the R-Car Market Place.

In that blog, I introduced R-Car Market Place as of one of the 2020 Proactive Partner activities. This blog provides an overview of the Renesas R-Car Market place so that users can have a better understanding of what it is and make better use of it.

What is R-Car Market Place?

R-Car Market Place is a new web infrastructure that will provide to Renesas customers a variety of easily accessible content, improve the efficiency of mobility system development, and shorten the development period. It has been sometimes not easy to obtain R-Car technical information and this could have been a blocker to customers' evaluation and development until now. To solve this issue, Renesas launched "R-Car Market Place" to reduce a lot of the mandatory contracts lead time by introducing click-through.

In addition, Renesas prepared documents, software and Proactive Partner evaluation software as a lineup to contribute to customer mobility system acceleration and convenience. Please refer to the “R-Car Market Place Overview” document and the “Renesas Shifts Mobility System Development Into High Gear With Its New Online Market Place for R-Car SoC” press release.

Marketplace Contribution for Customer Development

Content Introduction

Next, let me introduce available content. One of the available items consists of Renesas' content and the other consists of Renesas and Partner collaboration content. Renesas content is mainly software packages and hardware manuals. As mentioned in Chapter 1, the traditional delivery flow requires a very long lead time, especially for software but by using R-Car Market Place, the latest software packages will be immediately available. Partners have created download/request pages to provide their own content, and to use this market place as a starting point to obtain various solutions. In addition, Renesas has also posted a variety of collaboration solution videos. Renesas will continue to update these contents so that the latest versions are always available. For details, please refer to the below figure.

R-Car Market Place Overview

Hot Topics

As hot topics, Renesas created a new relationship between the R-Car Market Place and Winning Combinations. Winning Combinations can reduce BOM costs and shorten development time by combining our strengths in SOC with analog products as the optimal reference system. The R-Car Market Place provides easy access to the latest Winning Combo solutions in addition to essential content such as hardware manuals, so R-Car users can accelerate the mobility system development - “Easy to Start”.

R-Car Market Place screenshot

Web Infrastructure Collaboration

In this chapter, I explain three web infrastructures interconnected with the R-Car Market Place and help R-Car users in the efficiency of mobility system development and shortening development time.

  1. Solution Matching System
    Solution Matching System provides the latest Proactive Partner technical information and enables quick searches. For example, R-Car users can search for "partners who support Android in China", then display the partners who match the search criteria and R-Car users can easily compare the differences in skills among the partners. In this way, R-Car users can consider and select the best solution for their focus area.
  2. Educational Program (Renesas Blog)
    The Educational Program provides webinar content that can be easily accessed at any time. This Educational Program offers curriculums designed to help you better understand the R-Car system deeply and immediately.
  3. Engineering Community (Renesas Blog)
    Renesas also enhance the infrastructure for technical support, utilizing open communities and pursuing new usability. Engineering Community includes three sites. “eLinux" provides NDA-less content, and "Renesas Engineering Community" is a forum for R-Car users to exchange information and conduct QA. and finally, "Knowledge Base" contains R-Car FAQs for helping mobility system development.


How about this blog? If you are interested in the R-Car Market Place, please access the URL below and apply for and utilize this web infra for your mobility system development.
 - Apply from here

Renesas supports R-Car users through R-Car Market Place. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to the R-Car Market Place mail address.
<[email protected]>

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