Axel Kleinpaul
Axel Kleinpaul
Senior Staff Engineer
Published: June 18, 2021

Easy-to-Start automotive microcontrollers (ETS MCU) are designed to withstand the rigorous quality and reliability requirements of automotive applications, but they are also well suited for design in industrial or even consumer applications. Renesas has carefully selected two series of the ETS MCU that are easy to use for development, and the website is now easy to access with all the design resources for each selected device family in one place to help you select and design in your next application, and to get to market as fast as possible.

It’s easy to use, easy to develop and easy to access.

ETS MCU consists of these product categories:
16-bit MCU: RL78/F13-LIN, RL78/F13-CAN, RL78/F14 and RL78/F15
32-bit MCU: RH850/F1K, RH850/F1KM-S1, RH850/F1KM-S4, and RH850/F1KH-D8

The RL78 family uses a Renesas proprietary 16-Bit CPU core. This MCU series especially targets the low-pin-count and low-power-consumption application areas. The RH850 F1Kx family uses a Renesas proprietary 32-bit CPU core. This MCU series especially targets high-functionality applications with many state-of-the-art communication protocols such as CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet as well as offering system support for ASIL B and AUTOSAR MCAL 4.2. There are derivatives available with both single and dual CPU cores from 1x 120MHz up to 2x 240MHz CPU clock speeds.

In reference to our previous blog, we received a lot of positive feedback from our customers and were requested to add additional features and services.

We added quite a few items to our frequently asked questions section, highlighting the most popular ones. There, you can find things like support for ASIL applications with the RL78 or support for the Flash Code and Data libraries for the RH850 devices.

Most interest has been in our hardware items. Here, we have filled our stock with:

  • Selected ETS MCU samples are available free of charge in small quantities, and available for purchase from the website for larger quantities.
  • All promoted RL78/F1x and RH850/F1Kx starter kits – immediate shipment available.

Starter Kit and Easy-to-Start MCU Part Numbers Available to Purchase from the Website

    Available for Web Purchase
  Core Starter Kit Part Number MCU Features MCU Part Number
RL78/F13-LIN 16-Bit MCU Y-ASK-RL78F13 20-pin/64KB Flash R5F10A6ELSP#U5
RL78/F13-CAN 30-pin/128KB Flash R5F10BAGLSP#U5
RL78/F14 Y-ASK-RL78F14 64-pin/256KB Flash R5F10PLJCLFB#35
80-pin/256KB Flash R5F10PMJCLFB#35
RL78/F15 Y-ASK-RL78F15 100-pin/512KB Flash R5F113PLCLFB#35
RH850/F1KM-S1 32-Bit MCU Y-ASK-RH850F1KM-S1-V3 48-pin/1MB Flash R7F7016933AFP-C#AA1
64-pin/1MB Flash R7F7016903AFP-C#AA1
80-pin/1MB Flash R7F7016873AFP-C#AA1
100-pin/1MB Flash R7F7016843AFP-C#AA1
RH850/F1K Y-ASK-RH850F1K-V3 144-pin/2MB Flash R7F7015833AFP-C#AA3
RH850/F1KM-S4 Y-ASK-RH850F1KM-S4-V3 176-pin/4MB Flash R7F7016493AFP-C#AA1
RH850/F1KH-D8 Y-ASK-RH850F1KH-D8-V3 176-pin/8MB Flash R7F7017093AFP-C#AA1

Content Available in the Starter Kits

  RL78/F1x RH850/F1Kx  
Hardware (HW) RL78/F1x Starter Kit Target Board RH850/F1x Starter Kit Target Board
E1 On-Chip Debugging Emulator
Software (SW) Two development environments to choose from:
  • IAR Embedded Workbench EWRL78 (16KB Limited KickStart Edition)
  • Renesas CS+ (64K Evaluation License)
Four development environments to choose from:
  • Green Hills Multi (90-Day Evaluation License)
  • IAR EWRH850 (128K KickStart Edition)
  • Renesas CS+ (256K Evaluation License)
  • iSYSTEM WinIDEA/E1 Evaluation License
Renesas Flash Programming GUI (RFP)
Renesas Applilet Code Generator Renesas Smart Configurator/Code Generator
- Autosar MCAL
Sample SW to start-up Sample SW to start-up

The ETS MCU has all the design resources available in the design support section of each selected device family page to accelerate your development cycle and bring your products to market as fast as possible.

The Easy-to-Start MCU is easy to use, easy to develop and easy to access.

Embark on your Easy-To-Start journey by visiting us at

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