Wi-SUN FAN 1.1 (Wireless Smart Utility Network for Field Area Network profile) based high-speed sub-GHz wireless communication enables us to control various infrastructures such as sensing, lighting, and building automation with a large-scale mesh network. This solution provides a sub-GHz communication module and a total mesh network solution.

System Benefits:

  • Fully integrated radio transceiver covering 863-928MHz
  • High-speed communication (2.4Mbps) realizes picture communication
  • Amplifier and power devices in this block diagram support up to 12dBm (15.8mW). If increased range and performance are required, the power components in the sub-GHz module can be easily upgraded.
  • Sub-GHz module with PMOD interface makes solution development easier: Renesas Quick-Connect IoT Module



  • Infrastructure monitor
  • Lighting
  • Building automation
  • Digital signage


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Quick-Connect IoT Platform
Quick-Connect IoT platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.
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