This system provides a single MCU-based solution. UV lamp-based water filtering kills germs and makes the water suitable for drinking. A pump-based application can be suitable for reverse osmosis (RO) filtering, the same MCU provides better control of the pump. The system can add intelligence and self-monitoring by using Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) and/or Wi-Fi communication which can alert the need for and request the replacement of filters and cartridges when required.

System Benefits​:

  • Flyback SMPS with high efficiency, low cost and increased reliability.
  • Smartness and intelligence can be added using the DA16600MOD ultra-low power Wi-Fi + Bluetooth LE module.
  • The SLG59H1013V load switch saves AC/DC and other failures by controlling the peak current flow and fault indication to the MCU.
  • On-board UV lamp ballast reduces the BOM count.
  • Matrix switching reduces the need for GPIOs for switch expansions.



  • RO filters
  • Industrial UV lamp water filter system
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Winning Combinations

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