This Proof of Concept (PoC) provides for a high efficiency, high torque, low noise, and smooth start solution. Efficiency is key for this application; thus, built-in self-align dead time with chip design technology offers lower thermal losses and reduces power loss.

In this design, a microcontroller (MCU) + pre-driver in a single chip reduces component count* and board size. A proprietary sensorless algorithm reduces dependency on external components.

This smart solution consists of core ceiling fan functions like dual rotation, natural breeze, LED lighting, and temperature/humidity sensing, with IoT features supporting wireless protocol (Wi-Fi) for control using the Android OS for smart devices.

Note: *discrete solution (61 pieces)

System Benefits​:

  • Rotor position sensing technology (MRI – Magnetic Rotor Position Identification) for low-speed rotation, vibration-free during initial start-up
  • Uses an RL78 MCU (RL78/G1F) core (16-bit CISC, 44DMIPS at 32MHz)
  • Flash ROM: 64KB (Data Flash: 4KB), RAM: 5.5KB
  • Device supports field-oriented control (FOC) and 150deg. commutation
  • High power factor (PF), constant voltage isolated flyback AC/DC, offers high efficiency
  • VirtualZero™ technology offers very lower power and secure Wi-Fi modules
  • Energy saving using a self-align dead time generator
  • Integrated hardware and firmware protection features (Temperature abnormality, motor rotation abnormality, FET overcurrent, and abnormal voltage)



  • IoT/Smart homes
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