January 12, 2021

COLUMBIA, Maryland ― Systems for collision avoidance and autonomous operation based on cameras, LiDAR, or radar have, up to now, been limited to detecting line-of-site targets. Working with its partner DENSO Corporation, Reality AI has developed a new software solution that uses external microphones on cars to detect targets that are not in the direct line of sight.

Reality AI has created a system using an array of microphones connected to a processor to detect emergency vehicles, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and other common road participants – alerting the driver and identifying in which direction the driver should look to see a target coming. Reality AI worked with DENSO Corporation and other automotive suppliers to develop specific functionality of the system for the automotive market.

“This is a powerful new approach in automotive sensing,” said Motoki Kanamori, Director of Cockpit Systems Research & Development at DENSO Corporation. “Using sound to supplement cameras and other line-of-sight sensors will improve safety for both human-driven and autonomous vehicles. Reality AI has an approach that is very well suited to automotive applications, able to run on cost-effective components and be incorporated into automotive systems.”

The technology won the MobilityXlab 2020 Future Mobility Award in the category of “AI for Safety”. The Future Mobility Awards recognize startups that are bringing the very best new innovations to the automotive industry. Entries were reviewed by an expert panel of judges representing leaders from CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, Zenseact, and MathWorks.

About Reality AI

Reality Analytics Inc. (“Reality AI”) is a provider of AI-driven engineering software to corporate R&D departments in the automotive, industrial and consumer/commercial products sectors. Reality AI is based in Columbia, Maryland, and maintains additional offices for sales and support in Silicon Valley, Detroit and Tokyo, Japan. The company’s main product is Reality AI Tools®, a software environment for creating and deploying smart devices using sensors. Reality AI technology is covered by 14 US patents, with four additional patents pending. Additional information at https://reality.ai/.

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