January 22, 2022

A seismic intensity 5 upper earthquake struck the southwestern Japan, with the Hyuga-nada as the epicenter on January 22 at 1:08 a.m. JST.

There was no damage to the buildings, utility and manufacturing equipment at Renesas’ factories located nearby the epicenter, including the Oita Factory (Oita Prefecture), Kawashiri Factory (Kumamoto Prefecture), Nishiki Factory (Kumamoto Prefecture), Saijo Factory (Ehime Prefecture) and Yamaguchi Factory (Yamaguchi Prefecture). All of these factories are continuing its operations, except for some equipment at Kawashiri Factory and Saijo Factory which halted operation and are being restarted.

We are currently assessing the impact of the earthquake on our overall supply chain including the suppliers and partner companies. We will make further announcements once we confirm any incidents that may impact Renesas’ business operations.