Dialog’s DA16200 Wi-Fi networking SoC earns top results for power efficiency

June 21, 2021

London, United Kingdom – Dialog Semiconductor plc (XETRA:DLG), a leading provider of battery and power management, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) and Industrial edge computing solutions, today announced that its DA16200 SoC has scored 815 on the EEMBC IoTMark™-Wi-Fi benchmark. The DA16200’s achievement solidifies Dialog’s position as a leader in the ultra-low-power Wi-Fi networking SoC market.

The demand for battery operated IoT devices has intensified the adoption of low power Wi-Fi. Dialog’s development of the DA16200, an SoC leveraging Dialog’s VirtualZero™ technology, delivers a breakthrough in battery life for Wi-Fi-connected, battery-powered IoT devices such as smart door locks and wearables.

The EEMBC IoTMark™-Wi-Fi is a benchmark that examines the energy efficiency of Wi-Fi devices that are expected to have months, or more, of battery-life and typical IoT messaging demands. Unlike other methods of assessment which use simple datasheet electrical characteristics to provide power numbers for each individual hardware blocks, the IoTMark™-Wi-Fi uses a comprehensive assessment of the entire platform in a real-world scenario. This approach is an industry first for Wi-Fi, and ensures that the score is a valid measure of a platform’s energy efficiency in real-world use cases. Dialog’s score of 815 is equivalent to about 815 days of battery life for an IoT sensor running on two AA batteries.

“Today’s IoT sensors require frequent battery replacement which significantly impacts the customer experience,” said Sean McGrath, Senior VP and General Manager, Connectivity and Audio Business Group at Dialog. “We designed the DA16200 to specifically address this issue and provide a leading battery lifetime. Leading the EEMBC IoTMark™-Wi-Fi benchmark is a significant achievement. In scoring higher than the competition, Dialog has demonstrated its leadership in power efficiency and the Wi-Fi market.”

“The IoT is transforming industries from industrial to home applications, with many of these new connected devices requiring a combination of long battery life and extremely low power,” said Mohamed Awad, Vice President, IoT Business at Arm. “By leveraging VirtualZero technology and the Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor, Dialog’s Wi-Fi SoC empowers customers to build disruptive, power efficient IoT products for the future.”

For more information on the DA16200, visit: https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/wi-fi/da16200

For more information on becoming a Wi-Fi partner, visit: https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/wi-fi/dialog-iot-wi-fi-partners

For more information on the IoTMark™-Wi-Fi, visit: https://www.eembc.org/iotmark/wifi/

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