This solution solves the problem of low-power display technology across a broad array of products. The low-power RL78 MCU is a great complement to E Ink's electronic paper technology. Together they provide an extremely low-power, thin, flexible segmented display solution at a very affordable price. This kit provides a simple solution which covers the system intelligence and software drivers needed to evaluate your design before going to mass production.


  • Zero Power viewing (static)
  • Thin (360-600um)
  • Rugged: non-glass and shatterproof
  • Daylight readable and 180° viewing angle
  • Flexible design: can be made into any 2D shape


  • Vacuum Cleaner, Electric Power Tool, Air Conditioner, Electronic Toy, Camera, Refrigerator, Alarm Control, Intercom, Vending Machine, Washing Machine, Battery Charger, Electric Fan, Remote Control, DIY