AND Technology Research is a purpose-led technology and product development consultancy that has been turning pioneering ideas into reality since 1980. During those 40 years, their experts have prided themselves on working with partners to deliver true technology innovation across the globe.


  • The c2 product development platform
    • Build IoT products up to 50% faster with fully tested software libraries and hardware reference designs.
    • Accelerate the product development at all stages, reducing time-to-market and minimizing development costs.
    • Select from pre-built sensors and communication blocks to develop bespoke products more reliably and faster than ever before.  
    • Built with easy configuration and integration in mind for engineers. The platform is simple-to-use, written in standard C code, ready for integration to any application.
  • Tento
    • Track your entire testing journey with us using the Tento dashboard
    • Store requirements traceability matrix, test protocols, and test evidence all in one place.
    • Easily track progress from code to software unit, function, and product requirement.  
  • Expertise
    • AND Technology Research is proud to have 40+ years of experience, with over 350+ successful projects delivered for 250+ partners worldwide.
    • Innovators, cross-disciplined engineers, mathematicians, and test experts who can help at all stages of the development journey.


  • Internet of Things
  • Medical
  • Energy, AI and data analytics
  • Emerging markets


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