Cellular modem evaluation kit based on RYZ014A LTE Cat-M1 Cellular IoT Module

The RYZ014A EVK provides everything needed to start evaluating LTE Cat-M1 technology: RYZ014A evaluation kit, USB cable, quick start guide and an invitation card to the portal site to manage the SIM card and data plan. The kit can then be operated from a PC and be driven through the defined AT commands set to connect to test equipment or to a commercial network.

Kit Contents

  • RYZ014A Evaluation kit (RYZ014AAA)
  • iBASIS SIM Card
  • Needed cables (USB Cable, etc.)
  • Power Supply Options:
    • North America Adapter (RYZ014A-NA-EVK)
    • World Adapter (RYZ014A-GB-EVK)

RYZ014A evaluation kit (RYZ014AAA): Usage and Possible Operations 

  • Connecting to a host PC (Windows / Linux) through an external Serial Terminal Emulator Software 
  • Sending AT commands to the kit 
  • Connecting the RYZ014A evaluation kit to a testing equipment 
  • Connecting the RYZ014A evaluation kit to a commercial network 
  • Sending data through PPP or through AT commands
  • Connecting to a Renesas RA MCU evaluation kit (LINK)

Experience a Connected World with Renesas and MicroAI

Accelerate your next IoT venture with the Renesas RYZ014 Low Power LTE-M Module. Designed to reduce costs and improve speed to market, the Evaluation Kit includes a SIM card for connectivity, a subscription to the MicroAI Cloud Solution Application & an AI-enabled SDK for cloud connectivity and analytics on the Edge.

Please visit the following website for details.


Countries supported by the included SIM card

Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

SIM card plans

First 30-days/50MB Free, Fixed Monthly


The RYZ014A evaluation kit meets multiple regional regulatory requirements. Individual certificates are available below. Refer to the RYZ014A evaluation kit documentation for disclaimer, precautions and more details on the certifications.

Japan radio/terminal equipment based on type certification
Implemented RYZ014A has obtained certified construction type certification (certification number: 003-200328).

Certifications are only for the products and jurisdictions indicated in the certification and should not be construed as a certification for any other jurisdiction or different product.

Title Format Date
RYZ014AAA - FCC Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity PDF Nov 22, 20221
RYZ014AAA - CE Declaration of Conformity PDF Mar 10, 20221
RYZ014A/RYZ014AAA - UKCA Declaration of Conformity PDF Dec 8, 2021


Title Type Date
PDF3.63 MB
Manual - Hardware
PDF1.31 MB日本語
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