The Renesas Promotion Board for RL78/L12 is pre-programmed to work with the GUI provided on the included DVD to demonstrate the key low power capabilities of the RL78/L12 device family along with it's direct drive LCD functionality. The RPBRL78L12 includes RL78/L12 CPU board with custom segment LCD integrated, On Chip Debugger (OCD), Eclipse based e2 studio (a Integrated Development Environment), Free of charge GNU compiler and Example embedded code, extensive documentation. This device family is also fully supported by our key development partner IAR Systems.


  • Easy to use device demonstration capabilities
  • Power supply via USB interface
  • On-Board debug function
  • Renesas Flash Programmer (RFP)
  • Windows based Flash programming software
  • Applilet3 Device driver code generator
  • Various input / output signals available
  • The e2 studio IDE for RL78 and GCC for Renesas RL78 compiler are included