This board provides rich connectivity, including Wi-Fi mirroring of mobile screens and Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) connectivity, and low-cost solutions required for instrument clusters, such as camera image display, tell-tale and TFT brightness control.


  • Cost-effective, compact and simple real-world vehicle instrument cluster implemented on an RH850/D1M1-A microcontroller to achieve graphics and connectivity.
  • Sample application software to jumpstart application development. Sample firmware is Bare Metal C code and does not require any Linux/Android OS know-how to start development.
  • Ready connectivity options available on the reference board - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, Ethernet, GPS, GSM-4G.
  • Independent dual port CAN enables connection with other ECUs on vehicle bus and provides a separate interface for a diagnostic port.
  • Eliminates expensive SerDes camera interface, replacing it with an Automotive HD Link that interfaces to a low-cost analog camera via single twisted pair [UTP/STP] connection without compromising video quality.
  • Support for cell phone like UI using popular tools such as Qt, Candera, etc. is available.


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