We have the design plan ability of the global class as the system architect which a group includes and design the tip by best practice of the cost serious consideration with Renesas IP, software development such as the radio solution using the product, Renesas IP, and we provide an exclusive solution to the visitor who wants to realize the system using the FPGA product.


Consulting, Design support, FPGA support, Software support


North America, Asia, Japan

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The SHC Group is an engineering group that combines the three technical elements of software (S), hardware (H), and consulting (C). We provide technical support for highly effective embedded edge systems, server software, and smartphones. Software development is at the core of our business, but we have also developed our own hardware development and secure MCUs and have received orders. We have SOFTWARE HARDWARE CONSULTING LLC in San Francisco, North America, and SH CONSULTING VIET NAM COMPANY LIMITED in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Widely supports software, hardware, and security technologies regardless of other company's IP or company IP.


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Shinkita Hotta (info@swhwc.com)
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